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Hi, I am Lauren Bigler. A Thirty-year-old Southern mother of two; owner of The Swamped Mama.

I have owned a blog since 2014, the year I got pregnant with my son. It was a great way to make an extra income while being a young mother. I recently lost my entire blog and started over. I lost my previous blog post as well as my design, thankfully I did not lose my domain (theswampedmama). Please bare with me as I get my new blog site up and running!

The Swamped Mama is a personal blog in which you will see many different content topics posted; ranging from reviews to giveaways to event coverage, and much more!

My husband and I have two beautiful children that often help me with the content you will see posted! Bentley & Elliana.

The Swamped Mama name came about because well I am pretty dang busy, and I am from a South Louisana place full of swamps; so it was fitting. Not only do I blog and keep up with my Social Media part-time, but, I also have a full-time job as a Diving Operations Coordinator. Plus being a mom also keeps me pretty busy. Bentley plays football, basketball, and is on two different baseball teams. Elliana, who we call Ellie, does dance, gymnastics, and wants to take a shot at tee ball this year. I am also a part of a local Mardi Gras Krewe!

I have four cats, a dog named Riley Grace, and a bunch of Chickens.

I am currently updating my blog and trying to get it back as it was Pre-COVID. Be sure to follow my blog to stay up to date!

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